The Cost of Tailor Management Software and its Benefits:

Tailor Management softwares are now used in almost all big tailor shops as they realise the need of including technology as the right hand in their business to not only help then in dealing with customers but also in managing their data and making the functions of business activities easier.

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With a Tailor Management software, you can majorly perform the tasks that really require your need not the ones that can be automated like, Inventory management, general management, appointment scheduling, timesheet management, wage and salary management, etc.

A tailor management software is the solution you need to have to attain the following benefits:

  • Staff Management
    • Customer Measurements
    • Manage Documents
    • Billing & Receipts
    • Sending SMS to customers
    • Dashboard
    • Manage Income & Expenses
    • Reports & Graphs
    • Manage Orders

It makes the working of a tailor shop or boutique pretty easier simply because all the tasks can be automated and performed with the help of a software which makes the management faster, better and more organized.

Flexible reporting, timely order confirmations and billing details are so important in the fashion and tailor shop industry because every customer wants to feel valued by the business and thus these organized and well carried out tasks that have the probability of near to zero error are so important to include  in a tailor shop that can be only attained with the help of a proper and customized tailor shop management software.

Talking about the cost and pricing of this software in India, to take an average any tailor shop can afford this with a little upfront investment and maintenance or upgrading cost that could possibly start from 15,000 – 20,000 and could go as high as 40,000 or 50,000 in some cases. It is usually a one time investment as the software development companies prepare the software as per the needs of the tailor shop and sell and barely any other future cost is required from the business apart from updates or changes.

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